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Modernizing the public lighting systems

Rade Koncar – Kontaktori i Relei in cooperation with N.SH. Besa from Kosovo, installed completely equipped distribution cabinets for street lighting in Ferizaj, Kosovo. With this project we will be modernizing the public lighting system in Ferizaj. This is an investment of the Municipality of Ferizaj, aimed to bring better control of the expenses for electricity.

Оur cabinets can be perfectly adapted to the requirements of any environment. We are able to supply the control cabinets in the requested configuration– ready for installation. This high degree of flexibility is made possible by the fact that the entire design and production of the control cabinets are done completely in-house. Rade Koncar – Kontaktori i Relei controls 100% of all the production steps for each control cabinet. This flexibility allows investors to continue using their already existing infrastructure components, without any additional expensive equipment and installations. Thus, providing a very short payback period for projects related to the upgrade to modern intelligent street lighting solutions.

Cooperation between the University American College – The Faculty for computer science and information technology and Rade Koncar – Kontantori i Relei

Our company is continuously striving to improve each one of the working processes we have. No matter  the size or the scope of the improvement, we put great value on the advancement itself.

In this pursuit for perfection, we have allied with strong partners from the Academia. The Faculty for computer science and information technology from the University American College is one of them.

 With the support from the students and Prof. PhD. Adrijan Bozinovski we have managed to successfully conclude the demonstration of crane robotisation. By making this project possible, we, at Rade Koncar-Kontaktori i Relei have made additional step forward to flexible automatisation and robotisation of our internal production system.

The goal of this project is to robotize the movement of the crane, in such manner that it will not be man-operated by driving. However, there will be a need of human remotely controlling and operating the movements of the robotized crane. The crane’s movement will be directly lead by microprocessor-based controller, so that the crane will be able to perform the picking up and putting down of boxes without being driven by man.

This brings us closer to completely robotizing the warehouse in one flexible production system.

We are looking forward to future process improvements and automatisations.

Reducing water footprint and increasing environmental sustainability of the processes with our Water Chiller

We are happy to announce that on the World’s Water Day, March 22nd we have started with the implementation of the closed-circuit cooling system with water-to-air chiller in our production process. By doing so, we are now using up to 10 times less water than before i.e. have significantly reduced our water waste footprint.
The addition of this equipment in our plastic parts production process supports both our corporate environmental sustainability goal as well as the company’s continuous processes improvement.
By using it, we are moving away from our open well-water-cooling system to closed water-cooling system.
This operation has been conducted in coordination of our two departments, the Department of Technology Development and the Department for Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance.
This might be a small step for the human kind, but it is a big step for our footprint reduction!

Official visit of Mr. Vladimir Chryssanthov, Economic and Trade Affairs Counselor of the Embassy of the Russian Federation

We were honored to host Mr. Vladimir Chryssanthov, Economic and Trade Affairs Counselor of the Embassy of the Russian Federation on our premises on Friday, the 28th of February.
Mr. Chryssanthov had an in-person meeting with our CEO Mrs. Ana Kirijas, Director of Foreign Trade Department Mr. Vancho Madzov, Commercial Manager Mr. Ivan Kajev and Production manager Mr. Nenad Jancich.
On this occasion we gladly informed Mr. Chryssanthov about our newly-started cooperation with the Russian company EKF Moscow. We also confirmed our commitment and determination to continuously grow and develop our collaboration with our partners from the Russian Federation. After the meeting, Mr. Chryssanthov had a walk-through our production and assembly line.
We are very much pleased to have had the opportunity to give Mr.Chryssanthov insights into our company’s development strategy and an invaluable glance into our facility and production processes.

Union Sport Games – Mavrovo 2018

This year Rade Koncar – Kontaktori i Relei attended the VIII Union Sport Games organized by the Union of Industry, Energy and Mining. The sport games were held in Mavrovo from 17th to the 20th of May 2018. As previous years, our team won many trophies in different sports and categories.

By participating in Union Games like these, we at Rade Koncar, nurture a spirit of sport and fair play while building our business on these core principles and values.

Skopje Marathon 2018

Last weekend Skopje was in the mood for running. On 6th of May 2018 the Skopje Marathon was organized. Year after year the Skopje Marathon becomes a real sports brand, one of the biggest and most popular sport event in the country. This year more than 10.000 people registered for the marathon which is a record number since the beginning.

Rade Koncar – Kontaktori I Relei was participating on the marathon with our colleges Mr. Milan Cvetkovski and Mr. Dzvonimir Petak. We are celebrating sport spirit in our company and we try to pass on to younger generations.

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