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Knowledge, hard work and dedication.
Our company

Rade Koncar – Kontaktori I Relei D.O.O.

For more than 70 years we have been building a company that values knowledge, hard work and dedication. With headquarters in Skopje, North Macedonia we have grown into a company that has a worldwide network of satisfied customers and clients in over 40 countries .

Rade Koncar – Kontaktori i Relei is producing low voltage electrical equipment for industrial applications. Our range of products includes AC-DC contactors from 9A to 1000A, single phase and three phase voltage, thermal overload relays, rotary cam switches, MCCB’s, push buttons, etc. These products are produced in standard configuration, however we can quickly customize our production for the client’s unique requests.

Growing everyday with
research & development

Our research and development sector is constantly working on making the design of our products more reliable, flexible and customizable. These efforts are in accordance with all the international standards of production and quality of the products.

Our clients come from many different industry backgrounds, we supply electric utility companies, mines, steel mills, railroads, chain stores, etc.

We have successfully developed systems for energy monitoring and management (EMMS), power factor correction units, and system for intelligent street lighting (RK-Light).


History timeline

Company Structure

Rade Koncar – Kontaktori I relei is a privately owned company specializing in the design and manufacture of switch-gear equipment.






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Our Vision

Our vision is to make the usage of electrical power simple, safe and affordable for everyone.

Our Mission

  • We believe in protecting people and goods while using electrical power.
  • We believe in creating sustainable development – for us and for our partners.
  • We believe in helping our partners save energy and make the world greener.
  • We believe in designing reliable and safe products.

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