Innovation at the core of our technology

Innovation always helps us to develop products that will result in better quality, while reducing the production time and the amount of resources used. In the development of our new products – motor contactors CNN 150 and capacitor contactor CNNK 80, a project supported by the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development, the technology department designed and manufactured a device for assembling the yoke and core. This new device has the status of an innovation in our work because for the first time 4 working operations are integrated in one device.

The experience of product development in the past has led us to think differently and try to use innovative methods to solve the challenge in the production processes. The development technology team led by the Eng. Goran Zdravkovski gave a great contribution in improving the technological line for the production of the new contactors. In addition to this successfully designed device, we are dedicated to develop such innovative processes in all parts of production. Improving the production process in our factory is based on such marvelous people… we are happy to have you with us.

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