Cooperation between the University American College – The Faculty for computer science and information technology and Rade Koncar – Kontantori i Relei

Our company is continuously striving to improve each one of the working processes we have. No matter  the size or the scope of the improvement, we put great value on the advancement itself.

In this pursuit for perfection, we have allied with strong partners from the Academia. The Faculty for computer science and information technology from the University American College is one of them.

 With the support from the students and Prof. PhD. Adrijan Bozinovski we have managed to successfully conclude the demonstration of crane robotisation. By making this project possible, we, at Rade Koncar-Kontaktori i Relei have made additional step forward to flexible automatisation and robotisation of our internal production system.

The goal of this project is to robotize the movement of the crane, in such manner that it will not be man-operated by driving. However, there will be a need of human remotely controlling and operating the movements of the robotized crane. The crane’s movement will be directly lead by microprocessor-based controller, so that the crane will be able to perform the picking up and putting down of boxes without being driven by man.

This brings us closer to completely robotizing the warehouse in one flexible production system.

We are looking forward to future process improvements and automatisations.

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