Modernizing the public lighting systems

Rade Koncar – Kontaktori i Relei in cooperation with N.SH. Besa from Kosovo, installed completely equipped distribution cabinets for street lighting in Ferizaj, Kosovo. With this project we will be modernizing the public lighting system in Ferizaj. This is an investment of the Municipality of Ferizaj, aimed to bring better control of the expenses for electricity.

Оur cabinets can be perfectly adapted to the requirements of any environment. We are able to supply the control cabinets in the requested configuration– ready for installation. This high degree of flexibility is made possible by the fact that the entire design and production of the control cabinets are done completely in-house. Rade Koncar – Kontaktori i Relei controls 100% of all the production steps for each control cabinet. This flexibility allows investors to continue using their already existing infrastructure components, without any additional expensive equipment and installations. Thus, providing a very short payback period for projects related to the upgrade to modern intelligent street lighting solutions.

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