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Rade Koncar

Since 1965, Rade Koncar – Kontaktori I relei has been a valued supplier of Macedonian made electrical equipment for industrial applications. The product line consists of AC-DC contactors, from 9A  to 400A   power range , standard single phase voltage or three-phase voltage; overload relays, rotary cam switches, MCCB’s push buttons.., These products are offered in a wide variety of standard  configurations, which can also be quickly customized per each customer’s unique application.

Most of Rade Koncar – Kontaktori I relei research and development efforts are spent on furthering our flexible designs and performance of products, which are suitable for most demanding areas and applications. For special applications, this flexible design allows for quick adaptation and customization, based on the specification required.

Rade Koncar – Kontaktori I relei has built a formidable reputation as a reliable supplier to the industrial, and commercial marketplaces, by focusing its efforts on constructing reliable products, at a reasonable cost and delivering on time. Industrial and commercial customers span a diverse array of fields, including electric utility companies, mines, steel mills, railroads, chain stores etc. Our products are exported in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Company Structure

Rade Koncar – Kontaktori I relei is an autonomous division of Rade Koncar – Aparatna Tehnika AD Skopje, a privately owned electrical equipment supply company specializing in the design and manufacture of switchgear equipment.  As a whole, the company currently employs 220 professionals, of whom 30% are engineering staff.

  • Employees: 200
  • Engineers: 30
  • Complete Area: 40 000 m2
  • Covered Area: 22 000 m2

Rade Koncar – Kontaktori I relei has built a formidable reputation as a reliable supplier to the industrial



“Раде Кончар – Контактори и Релеи” прерасна во единствена компанија на Балканот која успешно произведува сопствен програм за продукција на АЦ и ДЦ контактори, модуларни и помошни контактори, биметални релеи, осигурувачи, ротирачки повеќе »»


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