Energy Monitoring Management System


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PM/PMK is an integrated solution that is used for measurement, sorting and analyzing data of the consumption of electrical energy in industry, business buildings, shopping centers, hotels, residences and other buildings. It is based on modern software application, that allows measurement of large number of measurement points and parameters and is fully adjustable to your needs and demands.

This solution effective measurements of used electrical power, peaks and the quality of the power. This way we can detect any malfunction of electrical objects because of poor quality of the electrical power. Measurements can be made on different positions in the same time and information is displayed live.

Rade Koncar kontaktori i relei offers a complete system for monitoring, measurement and analyzing of used electrical power. Using this system you are directly saving time, energy and money while doing your daily activities.

The system for measurement, analyzing and remote management of measurement points is your best energy adviser.


List of clients for implementation of EMMS:


1 UKA KOMERC – Skopje

2 BOMI METAL – Skopje

3 BONIVEST – Skopje


5 SOKO GORICA – Skopje

6 MERKUR – Skopje

7 BATO & DIVAJN – Skopje

8 MAJAMI DOO – Skopje

9 BETASHPED – Skopje

10 D.D.V. BISERA DOOEL – Skopje

11 HOTEL EPINAL – Bitola

12 EVROKOM – Negotino


14 MIRANA – Veles

15 EVROPA 92 – Kocani

16 BAKAL BAKERO DOOEL – s. Brvenica

 17 LION DOO – Sveti Nikole

18 MMC PROGRES – Delcevo

19 KANAL 77 – Stip

20 PAPER MILL – Kocani

21 ARC AUTOMOTIV – Skopje