Visit by the President and Vice-president of the Economic Chamber of North Macedonia

The President of the Economic Chamber of Republic of North Macedonia, Mr. Branko Azeski and the Vice President of the Chamber Mr. Zoran Jovanovski, have visited our company on Friday, 11th of June 2021.

During their visit among other matters, they were discussing the following three key topics significant for the improvement of the Macedonian production companies:

  • The positive approach the Chamber has in regards of bringing back the Customs duty for the import of electronic equipment to safeguard the domestic production, in the era of excessive presence of low-priced Chinese products;
  • Bigger State support for the home investors, because in the domestic production companies you can find the human potential of the state itself;
  • Uniting and synchronizing  Macedonian production companies attitude for bigger growth and re-structuring, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic crisis.

Mr. Branko Azeski has promised to entirely support the implementation of these key topics. The collaboration between the economic sector and the Economic Chamber of Republic of North Macedonia is crucial in reaching the companies goals for industry progress.

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