Corporate Quality Policy

Our main goal is to develop and produce quality products that will satisfy our customers’ requests and demands full filing all national and international standards and procedures. We intend to develop complete care for our customer try regular interaction and to put the customer in the center of our attention.

Environmental protection is one of our highest interests. We are constantly adopting new improvements to our technology production processes to protect the environment and to provide healthy environment for our society.

RADE KONCAR is a company that is taking care of all aspects of the safety of our employees. We develop work procedures in accordance with highest safety standards to minimize the possibility of health hazards that may occur in the production processes. In order to keep our employees safe we provide all necessary procedures from information, work procedures, adequate training and necessary equipment.

Lately, we have adopted information security management system that shall provide system approach in identify confidential security information risks and provide keeping these information strictly confidential.

In order to achieve these ambitious goals we have integrated management system IMS based on internationally recognized standards ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and ISO27001. All our activities are in accordance within IMS and are regularly put in our annual business plans. The system itself is monitored try regular month reports with the management of the company, internal and external audits of authorized monitoring organizations.

Last but not least, our work is completely in accordance with all governmental bodies’ regulation and legislative and any changes in this area are monitored and implemented in our work continuously.

Our management has shown awareness that IMS is integral part of our company and is providing enough resources to support fully functioning of IMS.







“Rade Koncar – kontaktori i relei” grew into a unique firm at the Balkan and succeeded to completed its production program with own production of motor AC and DC driven contactors, modular and auxiliary contactors, bimetal relays, moulded case circuit brakers, rotary more »»


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