• 1947 initial company for electrical repairs was JUG formed
  • 1963 Jug was integrated into the larger holding system of RADE KONCAR – Yugoslavia
  • 1963 Jug was renamed RADE KONCAR APARATNA TEHNIKA – Skopje
  • 1965 RADE KONCAR Contactors and Relays was founded as low voltage switchgear equipment division, аs an integral part of RADE KONCAR APARATNA TEHNIKA – Skopje
  • 1965 First contactor series (CN) is produced under license of SIEMENS Germany
  • 1980 CNM Contactor Series was introduced
  • 1989 Thermal Overload Relay TRM series was manufactured
  • 1991 RADE KONCAR APARATNA TEHNIKA Skopje became Joint Stock Company completely independent from RADE KONCAR – Croatia
  • 1991 RADE KONCAR Kontaktori I Relei became Limited Liability Company as a part of RADE KONCAR       APARATNA TEHNIKA Skopje
  • 1997 RADE KONCAR Kontaktori I Relei became privately owned Limited Liability Company
  • 1997 RADE KONCAR name and logo was copyrighted by our company as only producer for low voltage   switchgear
  • 2000 New Rotary Cam Switch program was developed BS/PS Series
  • 2005 MCCB program was introduced
  • 2008 CNN New contactor series was produced
  • 2009 Thermal Overload Relay TM was developed
  • 2010 CNNK capacitor switching contactor series was successfully developed and produced
  • 2014 Power Factor Correction division is added
  • 2016 We develop our own Energy efficiency program for monitoring and management of electrical demand



“Раде Кончар – Контактори и Релеи” прерасна во единствена компанија на Балканот која успешно произведува сопствен програм за продукција на АЦ и ДЦ контактори, модуларни и помошни контактори, биметални релеи, осигурувачи, ротирачки повеќе »»


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