• 1947 initial company for electrical repairs was JUG formed
  • 1963 Jug was integrated into the larger holding system of RADE KONCAR – Yugoslavia
  • 1963 Jug was renamed RADE KONCAR APARATNA TEHNIKA – Skopje
  • 1965 RADE KONCAR Contactors and Relays was founded as low voltage switchgear equipment division, аs an integral part of RADE KONCAR APARATNA TEHNIKA – Skopje
  • 1965 First contactor series (CN) is produced under license of SIEMENS Germany
  • 1980 CNM Contactor Series was introduced
  • 1989 Thermal Overload Relay TRM series was manufactured
  • 1991 RADE KONCAR APARATNA TEHNIKA Skopje became Joint Stock Company completely independent from RADE KONCAR – Croatia
  • 1991 RADE KONCAR Kontaktori I Relei became Limited Liability Company as a part of RADE KONCAR       APARATNA TEHNIKA Skopje
  • 1997 RADE KONCAR Kontaktori I Relei became privately owned Limited Liability Company
  • 1997 RADE KONCAR name and logo was copyrighted by our company as only producer for low voltage   switchgear
  • 2000 New Rotary Cam Switch program was developed BS/PS Series
  • 2005 MCCB program was introduced
  • 2008 CNN New contactor series was produced
  • 2009 Thermal Overload Relay TM was developed
  • 2010 CNNK capacitor switching contactor series was successfully developed and produced
  • 2014 Power Factor Correction division is added
  • 2016 We develop our own Energy efficiency program for monitoring and management of electrical demand



“Rade Koncar – kontaktori i relei” grew into a unique firm at the Balkan and succeeded to completed its production program with own production of motor AC and DC driven contactors, modular and auxiliary contactors, bimetal relays, moulded case circuit brakers, rotary more »»


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